BLU is a family company founded in 1993 By Luigi Argentini, an experienced salesman in the fashion market. After several years spent developing the company brand and commercial network, mainly in the North of Italy, the company registered rapid growth.

Sunway Milano

The label SUNWAY MILANO grew in popularity and grabbed the attention of a huge number of Italian resellers.
Luigi Argentini created a solid base for a sustainable fashion business and In 2009, his son Simone took over the family business. Stepping into the role of sales manager and after a few years, head executive and creative director. Starting from the beginning Simone Argentini was entirely devoted to fashion style and design, and even if, at that time it was almost impossible to create a completely new business model, he succeeded in doing it. Simone spent all his young life grasping recent fashion trends and designing new patterns reflecting the final customer and resellers’ expectations.

Sunway Milano a brand representing a new trend in fashion

The Brand “Sunway Milano” is currently recognized and respected as a supplier of women’s jackets, dresses, sweaters and suits.
Sunway Milano represents an inclusive style and suitable for every type of woman.
Recently, in the last 2 years, the company faced all the critical issues ( war in Ukraine, Coronavirus) whose effects are being felt all across the world, but with a very strong attitude, Sunway Milano reinforced its link and relation with all resellers, supporting them from several points of view. Sunway Milano’s reseller network is a crucial asset for the company.